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*See the list under restricted clientele below to see if you qualify as a client of Lorena Staples, Q.C.

Terms & Conditions


Website Information not intended to be Legal Advice

The materials provided on this site constitute general information relating to areas of law familiar to Lorena Staples, Q.C. The information on www.lorenastaples.ca is not intended to provide or replace legal advice. The facts of your case are important and may affect how the law applies. Therefore, general statements of law and comments made in materials on this website or information accessed through links on this website to other legal resources are not a substitute for getting specific legal advice from a lawyer qualified to practice in the jurisdiction where you are located.

No automatic solicitor-client relationship (lawyers cannot be retained by email)

Although the use of the website may facilitate communications with Lorena Staples, Q.C. by e-mail or voicemail, receipt of any such communications or transmissions alone does not create a solicitor-client relationship, unless Lorena Staples, Q.C. agrees to represent you.

Restricted Clientele

Lorena Staples, Q.C. restricts her clientele to municipalities, regional districts, improvement districts, health authorities, provincial government ministries, crown corporations, similar government bodies and related professional organizations. She does not advise nor will she represent individuals, ratepayer associations or other non-government persons or bodies She will not provide advice or representation to persons or entities in matters that concern or affect local governments who are clients of her firm.

If you need help with a legal matter but do not come within any of Lorena Staples, Q.C.’s client categories, please contact the Lawyer Referral Service run by the BC Branch of the Canadian Bar Association by calling (604) 687-3221 or 1-800-663-1919. More information is also available on the BC Branch website at http://www.cba.org/bc/Initiatives/main/lawyer_referral.aspx

Confidentiality of Communications – Internet Security Warning

Unless you have made prior arrangements with her please do not leave voice mails or send email to Lorena Staples, Q.C. through this website that contain specific or confidential information about your legal affairs. Such voice mail and email is not confidential, does not create a solicitor-client relationship and may not receive a response.


Lorena Staples, Q.C. provides legal services through Lorena P.D. Staples Law Corporation and, with respect to www.lorenastaples.ca, Lorena Staples, Q.C. and Lorena P.D. Staples Law Corporation will have no liability for any damage arising from the misuse of any information provided on this website. The information provided on the website is not intended to be legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. Doing so without seeking the advice of legal counsel constitutes a misuse of the information. You are cautioned to consult a lawyer before you rely on or use the legal information obtained from any website.

Outcomes will vary according to the facts

References to successful case results where Lorena Staples, Q.C. has acted for clients are not a guarantee of future results. The outcome of every legal proceeding will vary according to the facts in each individual case.

Currency and accuracy of material not guaranteed

Due to ongoing legislative changes and developments in case law, information on this website may be date sensitive. Although Lorena Staples, Q.C. makes reasonable efforts to present and maintain current and accurate information on this website, we do not guarantee or warrant its currency, completeness or accuracy, or the currency or accuracy of information contained on sites to which this website links. The website and the materials provided on the website are provided “as is” and “as available” without representations, warranties or conditions of any kind, either expressed or implied.